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Promoting diplomatic and cultural relations between the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and New Zealand.

A Cautious Start

A Cautious Start: The Early Years of New Zealand-Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Relations

The New Zealand Government’s perspective is mainly presented via Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (the Ministry), New Zealand Immigration Service and Security Intelligence Service archival material. The activities of the New Zealand-DPRK Society that promotes relations are also outlined through using Society archives. See also Timeline of Bilateral Relations, PDF document sourced from the Asia:NZ Foundation.

Early 1970s
Late 1970s
Explaining New Zealand’s Caution

References: Article 2, Paul Bellamy, ‘A Cautious Start: The Early Years of New Zealand-DPRK Relations’, New Zealand International Review, November/December 2012, 37 (6), 8-11. The author is most grateful to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Department of Labour, Archives New Zealand, Security Intelligence Service, Professor Bill Willmott and interviewees for their kind assistance. Please note that the author does not belong to the NZ-DPRK Society or DPR-Korea New Zealand, and the views expressed here are not necessarily those of his employer.