DPR-Korea New Zealand

Promoting diplomatic and cultural relations between the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and New Zealand.

Current relations

Since 2001 various diplomatic interactions have occurred. These have included two 2012 DPRK delegations visiting New Zealand that sought better relations. However, New Zealand is understandably cautious, and with many others opposes North Korean actions, such as its nuclear and missile tests. South Korea has supported this position. The ROK Ambassador in 2009 said New Zealand’s policy was ‘reasonable and rational’ with the ROK closely consulted. He noted the difficulties of relations with the North given it had not ‘abided by past agreements’, and called for the North’s return to Six-Party talks. More recently, the South has referred to Seoul and Wellington as moving in the ‘same direction’ on Pyongyang, a strategy based on shared values. It respects New Zealand’s admittance of delegations, but is wary of DPRK intentions and questions why some people support the North.