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FAZIII1 10 Nov 2015
It's your money spend it play, we got 99 slot machines but we won't ever pay, so if you had 99 problems and a Bit*h ain't one, not you 102 problems become because your bank account says none, now your girl left you she called you a bum, next we get to problem 101, when it comes to rent and you cant pay, there is nothing your landlord will care when you say that your waiting for a check it will be here in a week maybe two, he doesn't care and locks you out, you try to beg and you can say just one more week, but its too late he just took the locks and filled them with glue, and looked at you and said F U, now were at problem 102.
casinoian87 26 May 2015
Everything began in the early 2011, when I was with such an empty pocket, that even if you shake it a whole day you wont find anything!:) So, my greedy eyes were delighted to see such a generous free chips offer, which was received in my e-mail form 99 Slot Machines casino and I became a customer there in no time! Almost from the start I noticed some very disturbing signs that something is not quite in order in this place the live support was almost constantly offline, even the website was missing from time to time, not to mention the software, which was dropping in the middle of the spin at least ten times a day! Just a brief look at the section, dedicated to 99 Slot Machines here at AskGamblers.com, unfortunately reveals me that these scam practices are still used by these rascals! Beware from 99 Slot Machines casino!
Ogkillah 26 May 2015
99 Slot Machines is ROGUE Rtg Casino -I registered some times ago in this place because I received some spam with promotions 100 free for new player-I play and no win... - So I think hmm, good offer but maybe I try find something about this place in web- and in web was a lot information about-99 Slots Machine no pay-waiting overs few month to withdrawal. What a unethical business practice trying stole money from players.- So this Place and all sisters casinos offered a lot no deposit bonus - sending in massive spam-if player registered in one of casino from this Rogue group then will be received everyday massive spam with Very Good Promotions -But if player win then casino will be do big problem with cashouts.
ValDes 30 Apr 2015
To be honest there is nothing wrong with the games - obviously if you do choose to play the games you should always play the European variety of the game if you have the choice - for instance, European roulette which has a single 0 always offers better odds than american roulette with their double 0 and single 0 house edge. There is nothing wrong with the games - the problem with this casino is the customer service.