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szirtisas 26 Apr 2019
This month I've been trying to experience more the software that usually aren't my favorite to get them know better and that's the reason why I joined Big Dollar casino. I tried to claim one free spins bonus but I got a message that I wasn't eligible for that so I contacted the chat to ask about their free chips and deposit bonuses. I played it with 1 bets for 25 autotimes, mostly I got 1 or 2 win multiplied by 1 or 2 times. Overall I had a really nice time at Big Dollar casino.
gargamel8016 30 Dec 2017
In fact on registering and depositing few dollars we can claim the high roller bonus which is up to 1000$ which makes you feel good. Anyhow I like to play poker and slot games and I tried this casino for my types of games and I can say yes this is something of my kind. Those who are card lovers, for them bonus poker deluxe is a good option to play. When I start playing games in this casino I found it more interesting as there are many options of my kind of games.
paquito76 30 Dec 2017
Last day support told me that he void my winings, I was calm and ask to explain me why, after some time he told me that I win from no deposit and because of that.
katemak 30 Dec 2017
As for now I've been playing this casino and I didn't make any reviews to their financial section and experience but don't worry I will update my withdrawal experience here. The code is 1BDC100P and after that you can play your favorite slot but be aware that the bonus has terms and condition. Although I mostly play Betonsoft games I find a cute video slot games their the Dollars Down Under that have free spin and multipliers! When I contacted their support to ask how does their 100% deposit works and he/she entertain me very well and deliver the terms and condition fluently.
swati 29 Dec 2017
Well at this game slot I realized that the winnings might be good or if you hit the shield symbol which are free spins so if you hit 3 shield symbols you have 15 free games, you can hit 4 or five but that is really rear so at the beginning I put a bet of 0.45 euro per spins and the first spins was dead but after that I hit 3 Spartans which are wild symbol who substitutes all other symbols except the shield symbols and got me a winning of 27 euros, so I raise my bet coin 0.5 euro and the first few spins were dead again but the next round of spins won me a free 15 spins with the shields symbols which I hit 3, but during those free spins you can retrigger the free spins which is very rear too, so I end up with a 100 euro, so what a nice winnings but there were many spins to go since I had to wager the bonus and I was far from that, so I did change the game and start playing Bucky Malone slot which is very interesting it has a bonus round and a free spins round I did get free spins but hit the bonus round, but I did lower my bet to again 0.1 euro or 0.45 euros per spin so I was not getting something big.
Irine 28 Jun 2017
By the way, Big Dollar have a large number of promotions waiting to claim and a plus for them they dont throw on us uncounted e-mail bombs day by day to let us know about them like some other places do that use this same casino motor, although we can still expect 1 or 2 letters in a week from them, too. In short, great promotions on good games and if you are not a tournaments addict Big Dollar is worth a shot.
pekibar 19 Dec 2016
Not a long time ago they sent me a promotional e mail I have 25 free rounds on the Rise of the Spartans new video slot. The bet on soft casinos didn't have the best video slots but this new game is really cool. I decided to stay on the Rise of the Spartans video slot but I changed the bet to 0.45 euro per spin.
nikita11 19 Dec 2016
They have a good support staff and I did not know about the no deposit bonus and they gave me without any info or prior message and I loved it and I think this gesture of them was really nice. I played a lot of progressive jackpots in the hope of hitting the big one but we all know that nobody hits that.