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For adventurous or unconventional players looking for something different and unique, there’s always popular specialty games like Bingo, Keno, and Sodoku. Well, Bovada’s got you covered there and offers non-stop deals and special promos and offers that’ll have you feeling like a million bucks (and, hopefully, will go a long way in helping you win that million bucks as well). That’s right, Bovada sets its new players up with the mother of all welcome bonuses. We’re especially crazy about Bovada’s Refer a Friend Program , which is another great way of cashing in on your social circle. If you’re down with Bitcoin, the digital currency that everyone’s talking about, you can score up to $5,000 when you deposit with Bitcoin – it’s being touted as the biggest welcome bonus, and we can see why. Bovada also does a great job at incentivizing players to game on their smartphones or tablet – going mobile never paid so well! Score a $10 bonus the first time you get in on the Bovada Mobile Casino action. These games are being played like they’re going out of style, and for good reason! A Night with Cleo’s got to be one of the most exciting games out there – with a fantastic storyline, amazing bankroll-boosting features and a killer bonus round. Staying with the theme of antiquity, Caesar’s Empire is also another very popular slot game making the rounds at Bovada. These games can also easily be played on your mobile device or tablet – so you can take the action with you no matter where you’re going.

Deposit/Withdrawal Methods

The most commonly used banking methods at Bovada are Bitcoin, credit card (Visa/Mastercard) and gift cards. When you make a deposit at a casino, probably the last thing you expect to see is that you are going to be charged a fee just for making your deposit. To help you out in knowing whether or not a casino will charge you when you make a deposit, you will usually be able to find out this information on the casino website. You should always be informed by the casino during the deposit process if you are going to be charged a fee for the deposit. You would need to check these charges with your bank, as this has nothing to do with the casino. Most online casinos will not charge you a fee to make a deposit when you use a credit or debit card. However, this may differ depending on which country you are playing from and there are indeed some casinos that may charge you a fee when making a deposit. The typical fee you could be charged for this method of deposit is between 0 - 2.5% of your total deposit. Most online casinos will not charge you a fee for making a deposit using this method. Whilst most online casinos now accept these methods without deposit fees, those that do charge fees, could do in the region of 5%. Unfortunately, choosing this method for some players can become extremely expensive, as some casinos will charge fees for these deposits. Bank wire transfer, especially international transactions, could also relate to all manner of different deposit fees and it is strongly advised to check these fees before depositing. Don't forget that most online casinos will not charge you for making your deposit.

Check Bovada out

If you still haven’t found the time to check out Bovada Casino, I believe that this is the reason enough for you to do it now. If you are an old player and you know your way around, be sure that the next time you find yourself at Bovada you hit the reels on this dichotomy slot with a great name and even greater gameplay.

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divxman 26 Apr 2019
At lower denominations I've been able to hit several bonuses or free spins within roughly 10 minutes of each other and losing normally only about 3-4 spins in a row or a high of 7 without hitting something.
press10gray 26 Apr 2019
If you contact their support team, you'll either wait 2hours + for a phone response or an on-site chat representative that can "escalate" your problem.
royal13flush 26 Apr 2019
Now all they need to do is work on withdrawal times and setting the slot returns a bit higher. Come bovada, get your act together and get back on top with baller status because your way behind in the online casino race.
zekemerv 26 Apr 2019
I can't believe I wasted so much money here, I played slow, I took risks, I chased bets (multiple times) thinking that my luck would change, but it never did.
anu 26 Apr 2019
I used to play poker here a few years ago but never won enough to withdraw. Bovada every once in a while would send me an email with a free chip to play with. I'll never see a penny of that money, that I used a free chip to obtain. So anyone thinking Bovada is shit, give them a shot, maybe now that they're doing BTC withdrawals, it's different.
pcheang1 26 Apr 2019
Have deposited thousands of dollars over my nearly 10 years of loyalty to this site. I will however continue to lose my money on this site because I do enjoy playing poker, slots, and sportsbook.
patrid 26 Apr 2019
Always here on the 15th business day. They told me 15, then 20, and then 25 business days! Now they are making all kinds of excuses p, plus telling me that now there is no time frame now, but they promise me that I will get paid.
Shoshot18 26 Apr 2019
When I inquired about this and asked for some sort of compensation for my trouble, I suggested $100 but would have accepted less, their response was, basically, sorry we can't do anything for you; we don't believe you and don't believe that the bet was ever settled as void; and we don't care if you continue to be a customer or not. My issue is with their poor customer service and poor business decision.
true_soldier 26 Apr 2019
Last week I put $200 in a casino account and Bovada matched me.The kicker is that I had to bet $16,000 to unfreeze the money.It took me about 6 hours betting $5 per blackjack hand before I was to unfreeze it and I had a total of $450.
zdog156 26 Apr 2019
Just a chime in here, I think Bovada is One of the luckiest places to play.
Chris Q. 26 Apr 2019
Customer service us Top Notch unlike other casinos that give you the run around and ask for extreme amounts of documentation.
donkeyramp 26 Apr 2019
I finally won (+$500) and went to payout and it seems I have to play $4500 due to the bonus and only can play it on slots which I hate to play.
Robin M. 26 Apr 2019
It finally arrived via regular mail on May 14th.
Shelix 26 Apr 2019
I play Blackjack regularly on Bovada, and have had pretty good luck.
lobuz1980 26 Apr 2019
It may be me, bad odds on the machines.
sillyhooker 26 Apr 2019
I started playing my favorite games, and first one was T-rex, I played with 0.5 bets, and like many times this happens before I got just down and down, and stopped when I had 25$, played around 300 spins, but still was not able to trigger freespins feature, not a best experience of course.
Wolffering 26 Apr 2019
Using Bitcoin now and that's just a few hours!!
lucky138 26 Apr 2019
According to Bovada, they will never research a non payment, just trust them, that even thought they have miss-lead and lied to you, you will get paid (but not guaranteed in your lifetime!) I think this Indian operation speak with a forked tongue!. People need to start contacting the parent corporation, and find out if their statements are miss-leading and false, and how they are the only business I ever heard of, who won't research a problem.
soveu47 26 Apr 2019
I can personally attest to the fact that Bovada's blackjack is not rigged: I turned $36.75, money Bovada gave me, into $2,330.00 in nearly 5 hours; the hands were just as difficult to play against the computer dealer as I found in any other casino online or off-line. If one spends enough time playing blackjack, in their experience they will find that there will be times when they are in a real casino, playing with real cards, with a real dealer, on a real table and have 10+ losing streaks from time to time. I'll give you one hint: If the dealer gets a blackjack and in the very next hand he's able to count up to 21, what does that "tell" you?
kyreecribbs 26 Apr 2019
I have spent a good amount of money and many hours watching each slot game at certain times and days. No one thought I would collect the money. All the money came and was cashed with no issues.
Precise O. 26 Apr 2019
I have seen that the stud game on average the dealer should only qualify 56% of the time and you have 50 50 to win with optimal strategy Now I was seeing consistently at bovada, ignition, cafe casino cause they use the same software the dealer was qualifying about 64% and winning 70%.
Chillipbros 26 Apr 2019
I am an avid blackjack player but I will warn all of you who even attempt to try your hand at blackjack in Bovada's casino, DON'T!
GlennP15 26 Apr 2019
Since check is the only option for a US player, this kinda sucks but no different then Bodog was in the past.
Scottay91 26 Apr 2019
I sent address verification with a response time of 24-48 hours.
rob1234 26 Apr 2019
I've been with Bovada for about 2.5 years.Since they've added Bitcoin withdraw it takes about 24hours to send my money from my Bovada to my Bitcoin wallet and about 1 day from my wallet to my bank account.It really changed my betting life...
Enterprise2291 19 Jan 2019
Even if a software glitch takes your money, they won't give it back.I'm a low stakes player, and played thousand of $1 games, and a few $5 games. Suddenly my cash balance dropped by almost $100 and records showed I played in a $66 and $25 game--these error games occurred within seconds of each other.
chocolate4444 20 Aug 2018
I deposited funds with a credit card and gamble there a few months.
cmccallattu 13 Aug 2018
I played in the casino here and there, with the feeling that I might have a chance to win a little. After the Bodog to Bovada change, that feeling is long gone. Do not play at the Bovada casino!
mrlou2132 13 Aug 2018
I am not stupid when it comes to the way I play. I have been logging each of my sessions for each game I've played and the results are absurd. And it seems as if this has all really ramped up ever since the gaming commission license was not renewed.
Miracleman8888 19 Mar 2018
Bovada's online casino seems like they have a big enough customer base to where they dont have to be shady as f**k and mark accounts for loss like other sites *cough* PRISM CASINO and CLUB PLAYER CASINO *cough* and all of their cheating sister sites. there are people that run unregulated online casinos who only have to be as good as their unregulated competition...
christopher.hyer 19 Mar 2018
Love, love, love!!!
JT 03 Mar 2018
They have an error on their Rival platform that Vegas Crest corrected in 2 days...12 months no fix on Bovada. You play in a game and the patterns are favorable...wilds showing up and bonus icons firing and RTP is in the 90%+ range. Completely unethical...if you play you not only have to defy the odds that are in favor of the casino...if you by chance begin to do well...this random error will occur on their Rival platform. Every player should be aware that not only will they potentially receive this error in the middle of a well invested session, but they will be dealing with the most unethical site online. Again 2 days to fix when reported to Vegas Crest 12 MONTHS with DATA and SCREENSHOTS provided and NO FIX on Bovada.
Maverick 03 Nov 2015
The games are indeed fun, customer service isn't to bad neither.
sport4654 09 Oct 2015
Do not play the Roulette!
Amandasheehan 09 Oct 2015
Just remember, Bovada states that it will take approximately 25 BUSINESS days to receive your check by courier.That is 25 + 8 or 10.In other words, it will be over a month. Quote:"We've had to restructure with some or our partners to ensure more secure payments in the future, which has caused delays that is why we have adjusted the time frame to 25 business days.This time frame is just an estimate and it will not reflect the actual date that you will receive your package."..."our payouts team is working profusely to ensure this situation does not occur in the future."
None 18 Aug 2015
This is one of the few casinos that I find trustworthy available for online gamblers in the United States. Now that I have criticized the sites few problems I want to end on a strong note saying that I still feel this might be the best option for U.S. online gamblers so give it a shot if you are thinking about trying it out.
Kornfed 14 Jun 2015
Note I also tested this among time, if you are betting more than 25 min straight, the odds go in favor of the house. I won't bore you with details but know that I have a masters in mathematics and used some of my knowledge to map out statistics which show that Bovada essentially will let you "win" while you bet fast during a short period of time, then suddenly the odds change to be roughly 88% in their favor until you lose all your money. Not sure what else resets the odds, but basically I quit playing Bovada because from the information i gathered, it has to be a calculated scam to make money of unsuspecting gamblers.
jeremysa 14 Jun 2015
My question is - how are there 28 aces in a 6 deck shoe?
Grandmaster84 12 Jun 2015
It's pretty hard for me to find a good casino that accepts US players. Bovada is actually my favorite casino to play at because the payout is fair and the quality of the games are the best in my opinion.
Lonewolf1 12 Jun 2015
Jackpots are high, but you only see the RTG platform hitting the jackpots.
Reallyfolks 08 Jun 2015
Their casino is the biggest joke ever. Youll literally know what the dealer has just by the fucking pattern.
Suzisolar 16 May 2015
I deposited $50 or $100 (can't remember) and managed to play for a couple days and cashed out $1000.
davebair 14 May 2015
After some time I found that this site has a casino, and decided to play a bit, I made 20 $ deposit with 200 % bonus and started playing different Real Time Gaming slots.
Bob T. 18 Apr 2015
This Casino will gladly take your money but when you are winning they will quickly lock you out....