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Imvikas911 26 Apr 2019
The casino support was very unprofessional, and always had answers like - you will be paid tomorrow, next week and so on.
LilianInThaHouse 26 Apr 2019
The ease of gameplay and the innovative style of slots keeps me a big fan , that is about Rival software not Crazy luck . The rival platform is there pulling strong for the casino yet I have noticed a few differences here and there but chalked it up to internet connection or computer error. Well i maxed bet on penny bet on this game and cleared the entire story all the way back to the beginning, yet did not get to play a single bonus round game, no choose the paintings, no nothing.
sjus4fun 25 Jul 2017
They steal your money, change promotion during play and very slow pay or nothing! My worst experience was this casino stole my money 27000. So, I want write for other players , please do not play, this casino must go bankrupt, because the only want your money, your deposit. I make deposit and click on promotion with 35 x wagering, but support team change promotion during my play, because I have very many money already. New promotion was on 4000 free And 67 x wagering! Because I play with promotion 600% special, and I physically did not click ON NEW PROMOTION 600%SPECIAL, because they can see in my history, that my last wager is 5:20:33: So if I click on new promotion 5:20:35 I must have on my account 4000, so? Very long time I must all write, please read my chat and maybe next players will see this fraud.
pamg126 05 Feb 2017
I have been playing at Crazy Luck Casino for about a month. It is June 11, 2013 and no money. I want my money and I think it is unfair that people of this casino do not pay withdrawals in a timely manner. Regards to Crazy Luck Casino.
jcbossi 05 Feb 2017
The first game I ever played on Rival, was a game that resembled an old game show (I cant remember the name off hand, but you had the option of choosing to keep a prize or pick behind door #1, that was the main theme of the show) the game was called reel of fortune, it was the first time I had found an online slot that resembled a slot I would play in a brick and mortar casino such as Monopoly, sex & the city, or my personal favorite Wheel of Fortune, which actually triggers a wheel above you and you can see it spin and win decent amounts. The other part of this specific game, well this casino as whole is there games offer multiple bonus rounds, by that I mean different types of bonuses, not just one bonus and free spins like just about every other software that I have played. The other type of slots Rival casinos have that other software platforms dont is the I-Slots.These slots are interesting because youre playing a story line some are fun some are corny, but there are plenty to choose from so you can find one you like.
casinoian87 31 Jan 2017
By the way because I generally makes almost all the casino account and I have played in most several times I thought to try and the Rival technology. Players can also choose to deposit and cash out their winnings directly into their personal bank account.certainly not referring to not try your power there simply just be careful.
sencize 28 Jun 2016
Next day my documents were approved, and after 3 more days passed I get email from Skrill that I get paid, 6 days in total, not sure should I be happy with such payout time or not, but I see some other players have complaints that they did not get paid at all, so I am really should be happy that I get paid from no deposit bonus winnings. But my experience was not so bad, probably because I played long time ago.
ekravcova 28 Jun 2016
I managed to get Shane on the phone by hiding my number when I called. I closed every loophole while I had him on the line including emailing my documents (a third time) which he opened while still on the phone with me.
None 28 Jun 2016
I played their game called Fixer Upper a rival video slot and made a bet around 2.50$ max line 25 this video slot is really awesome because the graphics are very good and attractive to their customer or players then this is a i-slot meaning a new high-tech video slot that is designed for new generation casino lol i don't know what i am talking about :) and also when i played this slot i noticed that the jackpot on their slots are very enermous and i if you get that jackpot it is called crazy luck :)
stan75 09 Jun 2016
I raised up the limit to one euro stake, after it I started to lose my money but when I reached the 22 euro I get the free spins feature again, this time I won 52 euro from it so I had 74 euro, I decided to change to video poker and went to the jacks or better machine. I played 1 euro each hands but I dont had much luck and went straight down to zero, I wasnt able to get some relevant information from them financial department, anyway thanks the free money chance.
astarte 16 Feb 2016
I have played in this casino and I have won 1500 on 25th Jan 2014 and I have sent my documents on 26th and on 27th I got the mail that they have verified my docs and I will got money soon.
cmarty 16 Feb 2016
I lost the no deposit bonus in the slots only and i had done 2 deposits on this casino as it is one of my favourite casinos from the rival group. Did not last any long with the free play but the real money deposits were my real shots and there i played with patience and according to my bankroll and got lucky and won good money from the slots.
szirtisas 04 Apr 2015
Crazy Luck casino is run by Rival software. I haven't played here in a very long time and have almost forgotten about this casino. The first if I remember correctly was that the casino offered over 200 euros no deposit bonus for new players. At that time I mostly played in casinos that offered this software provider. This one just like the trial with the no deposit bonus ended up with no success and after a while I lost all of my money here.
Irine 04 Apr 2015
I was browsing internet and saw amazing no deposit bonus at Crazy luck casino of 262 dollars. Again too good to be true, but i could not resist and i decided to sign up with this casino and check it out. When i opened cashier all i saw was a no deposit bonus often dollars with 100 x wagering requirement very disappointing for me .Now on the site where I accidentally came across this bonus it said if you do not see this promotion in your cashier you should ask support for help.