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sencize 29 Dec 2017
You simply get 30 to spend one one of three slots and what ever you win from that gets put into like a little piggy bank and then after you make your first deposit, which is normally a minimum of 25 what ever you have won from the spins gets added on top of the welcome bonus. I didn't take the free spins offer I just made the minimum bet and received a 100% welcome bonus. I came here out of curiosity really, I tend to stick to the same casinos I know so this bought me out of my comfort zone a little, but seeing the familiar slots like 'Fairies Forrest' and 'Call of the colosseum' made me feel a bit better. I have never seen these slots play so bad before, 'Fairies Forrest' is a 25 line slot, minimum bet of 1p, on reels 2,3 and 4 if you get the fairy symbol she expands on all three reels as long as there is a win line she can complete. I knew this was a sign of things to come and by the time I had played through half my balance I had lost all interest in the casino to be honest. I Had the free spins loads of times..but I don't think I even smiled once for them because I never won anything over 3.
None 09 Apr 2016
I came across this casino when Duel 5 introduced me with it's Free Spins offer via email. What Duel 5 was offering me was basically Free Spins to play on Royal Maya, Royal Fruit and the most bizarre video slot I encountered upon is not only Indiana Croft and Lara Jones (Indiana Jones and Lara Crofts clothes and roles are reversed. This was like Free bets or Free Plays much like those Microgaming casinos where I have to make a full playthrough of a set balance or win over the initial credits to avail a maximum bonus amount. Still a cool casino to play on.
goldenmember 02 Apr 2016
Few days ago I received email offer from Duel 5 casino with 30 free spins bonus. Upon account creation I received my 30 free spins bonus which can be played on three different slot games Royal Maya.Royal Fruit and Indiana Croft &Lara Jones. For some time my balance went up few times I won 15free games and on this slot alone I manged to clear 600 off my wagering requirements.
cocopop3011 29 Nov 2015
I was connected to a very nice and supportive guy, and after a little talk, he added a free spins bonus to my account. The only catch was that the winnings from the free spins would be given me on top of my first deposit. I played 10 credits on this game and got a few 1.20 wins. This time I played even with 0.90 credits and when all my free credits were gone, the bonus I would get on my first deposit would be 10€ (if the credit wins are under 20€, you get a 10€ bonus.
blondie 10 Oct 2015
So you have available over 300 spins to transform the money received into bonus money that you can use to play all the games available in the casino. These three slots are quite generous, I played all three, and finally I end with about 25 USD bonus. But what I liked about this casino and this is why I wrote this review is that there are no wagering requirements for both the money won from free spins as well for the bonuses they give along the way. The only requirement to withdraw the bonuses is to make a deposit of at least 25 dollars and to play it somewhat.
valentin68 23 Sep 2015
The spins I had let me play on 3 different machines - Royal Maya, Royal Fruit or Indian Croft. The table is actually fair and I found myself winning quite a lot of money although it did ebb and flow a lot.I would recommend this casino if you are looking for classic casino games - all their gaming seems fair and with free spins you can not go wrong.the only problem is that you do need to deposit to be able to take out the money, so it does require some commitment, but you can always wager through blackjack or roulette to get your money out.