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nikkg 27 Nov 2018
They offer a standard bonus for your deposit, which is 100%, but since you cannot use this bonus money for blackjack and casino holdem, which are my favorite casino games at the moment, I didn't ask for bonus and decided to gamble only my own deposit. So I made my deposit of 25 euros and went straight ahead to casino holdem. This time I played few hands of live blackjack and finally got winnings. I really enjoyed my time there, my favorites there were the games with live dealers.
MacdoniS 27 Nov 2018
Theres a two sided part of Fairway Casino the favorable advantage and the corrupt disadvantage. The next deposits was hassle for me cause they didnt credit any bonus!
Irine 20 Nov 2018
In addition to the live section, the casino also has a number of entertaining classic casino games, including its 3D slots, video poker and card games. Visionary iGaming also offers a number of excellent classic casino titles that will increase your casino experience here.
blondie 20 Nov 2018
They seem not to care about the casinos they run - they just take money, nothing else matters for them. those run by Visionary iGaming.
None 28 May 2018
Fairway casino is one that belongs to Sheriff Gaming. So what I played upon are Beretta's Vendetta and Live Blackjack, I never leave a casino without playing this if of course they had it....but first what I did before turning into a Slot's Jockey (clicking the spin Button over many times) is basically I registered a new account. Another thing I have noticed is everything is in Euros only (Minimum 5 Euros for a deposit) and so I played for a small minimum deposit towards just Beretta's Vendetta and Live Blackjack. The bad part about my story is when I earned about $12 worth of winnings from BV (Or less in Euros) after playing Beretta's Vendetta I lost my entire balance from over 4 hands playing Live Blackjack.
tomas11 28 May 2018
Fairway casino is one of my first ingenious casino that offered live games to their players for a period of time their service is still maintained and preserved. We all know that 100% deposit bonus is common for the normal casino right? Since i don't have that kind of ewallet at that time my only choice is their sign up deposit bonus.