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cocopop3011 16 Jan 2018
No deposit returned so I had to contact my bank to charge it back.
claire.barron.77 17 May 2017
Deposited 100 lost 30.
Marmite7 23 Jan 2017
I was told that I could have a refund of my deposit if I wanted to,I decided to wait a day to see if my documents were approved and if they weren't I would have opted for the refund, but fair play they were approved a few hours later and my account was unlocked.It got off to a bad start but I was willing to forget.I actually started to enjoy it here,the slots played well and I was winning,I mean I didn't get very far but I only deposited a tenner so I wasn't expecting miracles.
dave2014 28 Jul 2016
Then got an email saying I had breached their terms for adopting a risk free betting strategy.