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marisakelly 26 Apr 2019
It is one of my least favourite casinos, because the few times I did play there and won good money, I had many problems with the withdrawal. I thought that maybe something has changed and decided to give them minimum deposit, which by the way, is 10 euros and try to win at black jack. And I put my last bet there and bet all my money- euros and fortunately I finally got lucky and won with black jack combination. To withdraw, you have to send copy of your identity card.
only1sloane 26 Apr 2019
Prism Casino is Real Time Gaming powered software. Prism has sister casinos such as Cool Cat, Club Player, Party City and the list goes on. Although I have deposited into the sister casinos before I read on the world wide web about them. I would not recommend depositing into this casino as when you do send through your verification documents. But not only with Prism casino.When I opened Prisms sister casinos software they too also asked for the same documentation over 3 times of which I didnt even send to them. If you, as a player have successfully cashed out from this casino.
Doll S. 26 Apr 2019
less a wiring fee,(unmentioned) and not without request for me to play more before I received my winnings. They did pay less 20% of winning.
casinoian87 26 Apr 2019
Im about to write about 10 reviews, maybe more,and there all going to be identical, if I wrote anything different, other than the name of the casino I would be lying.What I am going to be doing is putting out a Public Service Announcement on these RTG Clone Cons, the ones that all have their time of the month where they email you free chips, knowing full well, that you cant use more than two in a row, and that they hope you win big so you have to deposit to get it out, because they know that they will find, re-word, create or say you did but you didnt violate the terms and conditions.I have hit a twelve thousand dollar slot spin on the slot, where the dolphin is the multiplier, and three yachts gives you free spins, and there amultiplier fish during the free spins, and I hit the best possible hand, with the most possible multipliers, and the multiplier fish, multiplying as much as multiplier fish as I like to call him / her could multiply, at one of these RTG clone casinos, and an Ten Thousand plus dollar, fifty two handed Flopped Royal Flush,and got that over eleven grand. RTG comes out with a group of 3-4 casinos every month, and if they say its to keep up with demand thats a load of crap.Their smart, they know people will deposit enough so they can profit, and keep moving, changing names, offering free chips 3x a month or more, ridiculous match offers, because its not like there regulated by the SEC, NFA, or CFTC (investment regulatory bodies), no they are in some third world country, not taking enough to make people lose their life savings, but enough to pay 8 people to run support, in a cheap rented out office space, until enough bad press is out, then they rename.To be honest its a brilliant scam, and this casino is certainly one of them, Im surea handfulof people got paid at first, to make a name for themselves, but Ive read and experienced nothing but bad things about these kind of casinos.My $23,000 I had won at these casinos, somehow was a violation of the rules, and was called play money, so this exact review will be placed on all of those casinos, and I suggest all you do is play, play money thats it.Since this is a Public Service Im doing let me clarify some things. My suggestion if it isnt in the club world, All Star Slots, Grande Vegas, High Noon, Manhattan Slots, Cherry Red, or in that ranking for RTG sites use it for play money, or the free chip, just remember, at the end of the day, you have probably deposited more than your withdrawing so if they dont feel like paying you $300, chargeback the $1000 youve spent, because not only do you actually win for once, but the more chargebacks a Merchant has the more expensive it is for them to accept credit cards, eventually large sums of money are held by their processing company to cover charge backs, and if its frequent enough they wont be able to accept credit cards, so instead of saying how crappy this casino is, Im telling you all a way to shut them down, if they shot you down.
472713Ww 26 Apr 2019
I love rtg games but usually play at instant withdraw bitcoin casinos to avoid jumping through hoops.
Miracleman8888 26 Apr 2019
I have nothing but nice things to say when it comes to Prism Casino...as far as playing the slots, having fun and actually being able to win, or to be lucky, as its called!I think I have learned the way of online casino's and with that being said, yes...there is a lot of speculation, anticipation and aggravation, when it comes to receiving a withdrawal!
BMHM 26 Apr 2019
I was left with no cash after I spend some serious time with Prism casino's 300% match bonus. The questions I was left with were,"Can you win on this Real Time Gaming casino?", "Has anyone ever made a cashout?" and "Was I as a new player a fool to try a casino that hid it's bad reputation?".
None 28 Dec 2018
I did what any player would do before making a deposit on such a new and unexplored Real Time Gaming casino, take up free chips or no deposit bonus. Prism casino were also the type of casino that will prevent cashouts from happening before or in the process of a free chip and they will suggest if games that were restricted were played they will void all winnings. First game in line for me to play on is Golden Retriever, a 20 Paylines video slot that is almost like taking K9 Capers (Microgaming video slot) for a ride but in a RTG perspective! Once after the Free spins are done the Golden Retriever digs up a bone that gives a multiplier up to 20x your accumulated win on the prize pool. In the end after playing only on this video slot (I should of changed games) and after an hour in, my balance was poured quickly down the drain (lost my entire balance) where my hands tried to reach in and grab it before it got lost entirely.
123bagi 12 Mar 2016
It appears one-sided, as no one wins every deposit...it would be nice to have some type of bonus that perhaps has a limit on it, like maybe a no rules bonus once every two weeks or a month...along with other bonuses that are realistic...just my little ole' opinion And my VIP status was downgraded...so that makes me feel kicked to the curb, thank God I have great bumpers...lol!
Dharrison24 14 Apr 2015
they said there would be delays and their behind on their withdrawals so I could expect to get my money by check in 2 MONTHS!!! I wait I wait I wait, 2 months roll around and I TRY to contact their online live chat which is about damn near impossible to do... It took me almost 5 solid days of trying to reach them at different times throughout the day and night to get a hold of someone. Don't even bother trying to call them...They told me they never received my documents necessary for withdrawal!! So finally I have to call their number about 20 times a day for 3 days to get some British sounding guy to answer he told me they didnt receive any documents!!!!! I talk to their online chat and he tells me that they do not send checks to the state I live in!!!!!!! Seemed like their is a bout a 3 hr window to call them.I finally got a hold of a manager who said the only thing they could do was a bitcoin withdrawal...