Casino Bonuses & Promotions

Royal Panda treats new players to 10 free games for Starburst, while newcomers who deposit money in their account receive a bonus with a maximum of $100 . This 100% deposit bonus shows that Royal Panda loves to treat players to generous rewards. Royal Panda also hosts exclusive promotions that are illustrative for this superb online gambling platform. Royal Panda even offered its customers the chance to win a trip to China. Players can visit the Loyal Panda Shop to trade in their Loyal Panda Points for amazing prizes, including the iPhone 6s 16GB, a 12-inch MacBook, a Rolex Submariner, free games for slot machines, etc. The professional support team representatives are extremely helpful and friendly, which is a vital element for online casino players. Furthermore, the mobile casino enables customers to access Royal Panda’s online gaming platform on the go. It should come as no surprise that we think Royal Panda offers a superb virtual casino that provides gambling enthusiasts with everything they ever dreamed of. Royal Panda also offers both a mobile and live casino. The welcome Goliath bonus program at this site comes with a matchup bonus; this helps to increase the size of the initial deposit that a new participant makes. It is definitely rewarding, and the minimum deposit that is required for the bonus to be activated is £20 which would be matched up to an amount of £200. The free spins that accompany the Goliath casino bonus are not the only instance when players can enjoy such freebies on this site. Reward points are also provided as players play or free spins come on as bonus features in specific slot games as well which keeps things interesting for the participants. For those who are regular players at the site, Goliath casino offers a rewarding VIP program.

Deposit/Withdrawal Methods

Most customers at Royal Panda prefer a credit card to make a deposit, but digital wallets are becoming more popular among online casino players. Particularly, the last 25 years have been a very busy period for the state: there is now a large casino presence here, one that offers the full range of classic games that are enjoyed by gamblers around the world. Unfortunately for those who want to play online, there has been relatively little effort put into regulating Internet gambling sites in the state. If you can’t get enough of the classic slots with the additional features, we suggest you find Royal Double slot among the Tom Horn casino games! Using the features of this amazing slot game, you can obtain really fantastic wins! Get the royal prizes playing Royal Double gaming slot!

Online Slots

Royal Panda’s gambling repertoire boasts a broad array of online slot machines, including: Players benefit from free spins whenever Royal Panda premiers a new slot title. The online slot machines at Royal Panda offer a payout percentage of 97% – 98% . Beat your competition with two random features, multiplier wilds and a Royal Streak in free spins to take home the grand prize of 5,000x your bet. After the first years of providing slot machines for land-based casinos, the team redirected its focus on online and mobile gaming.

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B19SGW 26 Apr 2019
I do not wanna type to many words for it, but yesterday I registrered and deposited, I thought lets try my new 64bit Waterfox browser, how or why I don't know but I typed 3 times the wrong password, account locked, I thought, well lets chat, it was after 10pm so now support, I just watched the customer service opening hours (1pm - 10pm), so I just went with a good feeling to the site with thoughts of, with the 150% bonus I can have a nice play.
mickeymick 26 Apr 2019
What a mistake!!!!!!!
Mimi33 26 Apr 2019
This was a main issue if I give up for the RP on future.
MarcoFernandez91 26 Apr 2019
There promotions for Christmas where all on netent l completed all tasks and I couldn't win the spins because netent isn't allowed in my country.
martinsmum13 26 Apr 2019
The perks are all in bonus money and releasing bonuses can cost dearly: Winning 10 requires 350 wagers in real money.
Bertje1973 26 Apr 2019
They confiscate winnings when you try to cash them out without any good reason. bonus buys) Even tho its NOT MENTIONED in their terms & apply (witch I always read before I start playing) you CAN buy those bonuses.... they will confiscate the winnings!!
Tweeksta 26 Apr 2019
I got a personal message from royal panda today saying that they had read my review and have decided to increase the opening hrs of live chat from 13:00 to 21:00 CET to 09:00 to 20:30 CET and will gradually increase it to 24/7. Everytime that I have used live chat at royal panda they have been able to resolve my issues without me having to email support and wait for a reply.
redandy83 26 Apr 2019
Brilliant website thanks to rocknrolla (you tuber) who recommended this website, just a bit slow on verification.
jcordova01 26 Apr 2019
When I finally did check out their site properly for the first time I was immediately impressed and felt sure that this must be another brand from one of the established multiplatform browser based casino groups but that does not seem to be the case as they have a unique license number not shared by any other casino. With all the positive reports I had read I also felt reasonably sure I could expect fast withdrawals and fair bonus terms but as with any casino or group I am unfamiliar with I wanted to read the terms and conditions in full before choosing whether to sign up and deposit - I've simply been burned too many times before.
Herpes 26 Apr 2019
I had to call them to find out why my withdrawal was taking so long only for them to say they were awaiting verification which I sent three times.
Normandunn 26 Apr 2019
So what's to dislike ?
santino4c 26 Apr 2019
So, when you will claim a bonus, loosing real money and continuing playing with the bonus funds and win: You won't be able to withdraw your winnings, because you can't finish the wagering requirements.
zed101 26 Apr 2019
I've used a credit card that has worked before, it keeps saying, unfortunately, something went wrong contact support or try again. I have contacted support, they have asked me to wait 24 hours as I have tried to deposit too many times. At this point I don't want to sign up for even more pay systems when I know there is no issue with the credit card and it has been used before, and I have already tried a suggested alternative Entropay, and that doesn't work.
BettyBoop 26 Apr 2019
Royal Panda Casino offers two software providers- Micorgaming and NetEnt. I know Microgaming slots very well because I have been playing in casinos that use this software for a couple of years. I also like the games that are offered by this software provider. I really can't believe that a casino doesnt offer 24/7 live chat support. I really can't recommend any casino that doesnt offer live chat support available at all times.
Anthony M. 26 Apr 2019
But its still a good casino.
Tata2018 26 Apr 2019
Out all of the casinos this is by far the worst for withdrawal, verification, customer service.
Beertje123 26 Apr 2019
Nearly all lost on Gonzo Quest as I love this slot (well not at this site) but lots of other online casinos.
rekin222 26 Apr 2019
Just played a few rounds.
glenbrid 26 Apr 2019
Whilst there isn't really anything bad to say about this casino there isn't really that much good to say about it either.
Inthemix 13 Mar 2019
10 freespins is not so much but it is a big plus for casino, it's like a chance to feel the casino without spending your money.
JamilKarim1234 07 Mar 2019
I've come across offers where the wagering only starts once you dip into the bonus money, and they're bad enough, but at least with those you have a chance of winning it back and the most you can lose is your deposit.
Johnnygotthebone 07 Mar 2019
Well first I tried to do little research about them but I couldn't find anything not even 1 review so I only checked their site which they are under Malta so I guess that was enough to trust them, because Getting licence for Netent gaming Platform as I know its not very easy.Then I sign up deposited 20 euros which with the bonus I was starting with 40 euros and I didn't get the 10 free spins because of the country restrictions, but at least I got the welcome 100% bonus. Because this game was eating my money i switched the game and played my Favorite slot Gonzo Quest, well I had some good winning on this game so I always try it to see what will happened in some new casino.
dushman 07 Mar 2019
I play this exact same roulette on a few different online casinos, and not a single problem! So, when I want to withdraw money I can't transfer it directly to my bank account, first I have to withdraw it to Neteller account or Virtual card account.
tamalama67 01 Jan 2019
Royal Panda Casino offers a vast variety of languages to choose from which is always nice depending on the players that they have. So about the withdraw method I have absolutely nothing to say, but it was a very nice experience with with casino not any major bad things, but I dont like that they don't have Customer Service open 24/7. Cause I always prefer that they are at my disposal all the time, no downloadable version and some other minor things.
scarlett19 01 Jan 2019
One of the easiest online casino experiences I've had.
Hatemshenawe 27 Nov 2018
Hey, I'm new at the Royal Panda Casino.
Chris F. 28 Oct 2018
Also i just don't like the idea that you can only wager by real money, not with bonus money.
David G. 17 Sep 2018
It all seemed to be going well and I was asked for ONE final copy to complete the process which I sent just over two days ago now and keep sending emails asking if it has been verified which don't get answered, I have live chatted and been told they have received the document but it can take a while but it has been over three days now and no email back.
Davidt1990 17 Sep 2018
(as most casinos place all your funds in to bonus funds) meaning you can win on your initial deposit and still have the option to withdraw your winnings (obviously you lose the bonus but hey what are you complaining about you just withdrew :)) Site layout is easy to navigate..
Raisond 30 Jun 2018
I had a break joined a few others.
rumbaba 19 Apr 2018
Claiming the need for verification is ‘affordability’ while still asking you to deposit.
None 26 Feb 2018
Been with them over 6 months.
szirtisas 20 Jan 2018
I went to their home page to check them ongoing promotions but I didnt found anything about those free rounds again. I used my Skrill to pay in, I deposited 30 euro because I had some money to play. I didnt make another deposits to them because my game play was bad.
NextTimeWin 20 Jan 2018
I remember that I wasnt eligible for the free spins then but I have gotten a few free spins promos from them even before making a deposit.The last time I think I got free spins on Untamed Eagle and had some fun playing here. In my fist session I made a 20 euros deposit and got another 20 from the casino with a descent 35 x bonus wager. Anyway on my first session I played about 4 hours here but in the end didnt have any luck in making a withdrawal.
Antonpul 12 Jan 2018
Most providers block my attempts to open new accounts (even though lately I have moved home & i am using a new email address & I am aware that this can be a way to circumvent registration), I applaud them for this. Then when that provider becomes aware that I have been previously SE'd they close my account with no deposit refund due to 'circumvention'. I opened a new account recently with Royal Panda. Some providers, who I wont name now, use T&C's as I way of making money from gambling addicts, guilt free & without consequence. They put the responsibility at the feet of the gambling addict for opening a new account, when by definition, the addict has no control over this.
petkovski330 28 Oct 2017
When my balance went up to over 400 I checked to see if I could withdraw and in my bonus section it showed I had 1400 to wager through and I had wagered only 218. Checked my bonus again and showed I had to wager a further 15 because of the 40p I won on Starburst. I headed back to the slots upped my bet and kept playing hopping I would have gone through the wagering requirement and can withdraw my winnings. They replied to me many hours later saying to make a withdrawal I need to deposit again and wager another 1180 in order for them to pay out the winnings using my Welcome bonus. I call it fake money due to the fact that it's not withdraw-able no matter how much you have won using it or how many times over you have wagered it. It still won't be withdraw-able unless you deposit again and go through the wagering requirement using your cash money and winnings from from that. But bad if you used up your own deposit and dipped into the Welcome Bonus money offered by Royal Panda. So in conclusion that's why my wagering requirements show that I only wagered 218 of the 1400 wagering requirement for the 40 Welcome Bonus given to me by Royal Panda and if I want to make a withdrawal I need to deposit and meet the wagering requirement again using my own money.
kayenne23 28 Oct 2017
It's a good casino. Also withdrawals are fast.
patersoncol 28 Oct 2017
Royal Panda Casino has games from Microgaming and NetEnt which is ok since these are my favorite, but I would like to see them adding more software providers in the future in order to have a larger pool of games to choose from. I have managed to withdraw many times from Royal Panda Casino and I had one of my bigger hits in Dead or Alive here. When I reached 20 I lowered the bets to 0,36 bet and the slot became really hot so after some good hits I decided to raise the bet again to 1,80 and when my balance was 25 I was lucky to have a really good hit in the free spins, but no wild line, which gave me 940 euros.
emmamccoll 28 Oct 2017
The name got me.