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The table that you sit in will have a total of 7 other players and you’ll be playing using a 52 card deck. At the start of the game, the dealer deals the cards, starting with the player sitting on his/her left hand side. The dealer will deal two cards to each player seated at the table, face down, while they also deal two cards to themselves. 3. Double Down – This means that you double your initial bet, which will lead to the dealer adding you an extra card to your hand. 4. Split – if you happen to receive two cards, with the same value, you may decide to split them and play them as two separate hands. Blackjack is a game played using a shoe made up of some number of standard, 52-card decks of playing cards (in this case, eight decks are used). The object of the game is for the player to make a better hand than the dealer, by having a score that is closer to 21 without going over. At the start of each hand, the player must make a bet. Number cards are worth their printed value, face cards are worth 10, and aces may be worth either 11 (if possible) or 1 (if 11 would otherwise take the hand over 21 points). The best possible starting hand for the player (or dealer) is a natural 21 made of an ace and a ten-point card – also known as a blackjack. If you have this hand, you will automatically win at 3-2 odds, unless the dealer also has a blackjack, in which case the hand will resolve as a push. Assuming there are no blackjacks, the hand then continues with each player having the option of playing out their hand. In the latter case, this is known as “busting,” and the player loses all bets associated with that hand. The face-down card is now revealed, and the dealer will then play out their hand based on a set of very simple rules. If the dealer has a total of 16 or less, they will hit; if the dealer has a hand of 17 or more, they will instead stand. If the dealer busts, all remaining player hands win, with all bets being paid out at even money. Should the dealer stand, then all players hands are compared to the dealer’s score.

General Overview

Are you looking to find a casino that fulfils all of your online gaming wants and needs? Bursting with slots and scratch card games, this amazing online casino has everything that you could want and more. A huge collection of slots, table, card games, and other betting games are accessible to players in the Philippines. The players who take part in the illegal offline gambling are subjects to fines and prison sentence while playing in the international online best online gambling sites Japan is not punished in any way. Even though running offline and online casino Japan isn’t legal, there are quite a lot of illegal land-based casinos run by the notorious Yakuza gangs. To sum up the information — gambling online in Japan is mostly illegal but you can safely play your favorite games both in licensed Japanese online casinos and international online casino real money outside Japan.

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Inspired Gaming slots totally earn their highest place among other online casino software solutions from the equally skilled developing companies. We know you do not want to postpone your desire to play the newest Inspired Gaming slots online, so we will definitely inform you when new releases appear. Of course, all this technical mumbo-jumbo might come as great news to Casino Technology’s gaming industry clients, but it doesn’t mean a whole lot to the players unless the company is capable of providing a selection of well-made games that are both easy to use and exciting to play. The only slight drawback of the Casino Technology slot machines is that as the company originally catered solely for land-based casinos before moving into the online arena, their games are perhaps created with more traditional casino players in mind. It’s fair to say that functionality and gameplay are prioritised over any wild graphical flourishes and though their online offering is fairly solid, it does feel like exactly what it is – a collection of traditional land-based slot games that have been converted for online play, rather than a range of new titles being specifically developed.


The additional card ends your hand Split | splitting divides a hand of two cards of the same value, turning them into two separate hands (for an additional bet) The hand gestures used for these actions will largely depend on the style of blackjack you are playing. The additional card ends your hand Split | splitting divides a hand of two cards of the same value, turning them into two separate hands (for an additional bet) The hand gestures used for these actions will largely depend on the style of blackjack you are playing. The two most popular types of live dealer blackjack are 'face down' or 'face up' .

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clement 26 Apr 2019
You can withdraw everything except bonus amount of 100 euros - very great feature from this casino.
DavidM 26 Apr 2019
My account balance reached 62 euro and I thought that if I will change the game I will have more luck and I will manage to complete the wagering requirements! The payout rate is acceptable and I think that if you wont take the welcome bonus you will have more chances to win some money!
swati 26 Apr 2019
That is first thing that they are doing wrong and i think they charge for fun money to stop players off seeing that their slots don't pay. My friend refereed me to star games, and he was so excited he found our favorite slot game in land casinos book off Ra online. Over the few years me and my friend used to win serious amounts off money on book off Ra slot in land casinos but it seemed after a ten euros lose and not a cent win that is not going to happen here in star games casino.
Marks7 26 Apr 2019
Not need to clear any wagering, or else, if you hit big in begining, you can cashout any time, they just remove your bonus and thats all. Also stargames casino usually send me no deposits with wagering, and deposit bonuses for their new games. So, as i told, i myself never had any problems with stargames casino, i always got my money in the times that casino provide on main page, they had nice bonus system, and also you can call them and ask everything you want for direct and nice support. Cashouts: Casino promises that it will process any cashout in 10 days time, and they always do it.
zonco 26 Apr 2019
Also I don't like communication and professionalism..
sencize 26 Apr 2019
StarGames is a popular online casino, which opened in 2008, but I'm on it registered only a year and a half. StarGames uses different software providers, as well as its own software, the unique collection of games. In StarGames casino enjoys a large number of players, and the games are available in different languages. StarGames has a unique online casino platform because it uses different software providers, as well as its own software. StarGames Casino has first-class customer support to answer all your questions.
filipusis1987 26 Apr 2019
But this is very good example of casino with great software and great games selection, but with bad management. Stargames casino did not have live chat, email support is non-exist, once i can't deposit with skrill and send them email 'how, i can't deposit with skrill, there is some error which pop-up, what do'.
valentin68 26 Apr 2019
I have deposit about 450EU but no withdrawals, first time winning on the site...
KMichael 26 Apr 2019
StarGames is present over ten years on the Internet, and in that time has received a lot of registered players from all over Europe. Although Stargames fairly new casino, managed to reach a reputation, in addition to some many known names in the world of online gambling. The game is imaginative, and in my experience is much more cost-effective for new players. The last such gain was a few days ago, when I won over 60 on this game. A few years ago, I was a passionate roulette player, since all that remained was just a bunch of missed opportunities and losses which exceeded 200 for one day.
None 26 Apr 2019
Im a big fan of Novomatic slots: Book of Ra, Lucky Lady Deluxe, Sizzling Hot, Fairy Queen - StarGames have them all.
yapro 26 Apr 2019
I deposit 500 euro at Stargames at 6.08.2012 and then I win 1400.
jaismin 26 Apr 2019
I can not believe that so many people are having problems with star games. I personally know a few people in real life who have played on star games and did NOT receive their winnings due to violating the terms and agreements. As a casino, they should allow you to make as many withdrawals as you want so you can come back and play more. If star games fixes their customer support and makes changes to their withdrawal limits, they can easily become the best online casino. I have played MANY online casinos and seriously seriously believe this is the best site out there.
Carrie17 26 Apr 2019
I signed up and wanted to talk with their support to ask about the promotion I saw. Anyways, since I didn't want to write their support via email, I decided to try my luck and make a 10 deposit without any bonus. To be honest, besides the fact that I lost my balance within few minutes, I really didn't like this casino and the deposit I made was one of the worst ways how to use it.
AlexMou12 27 Jul 2018
I found about this casino by chance nearly 6 months ago from the terrible advertising it is making pretty much everywhere on the web and before playing here I read the review that was posted on the AskGamblers site. I do not usually play into an unknown casino but the review that I read about it was completely negative and made me a little curious so that I decided to try its experience. I can say that at that time, i.e. six months ago, the experience I had was indeed one totally negative as was described in the review cited above. Although the site of the casino was remodeled and that it is presented in several international languages, a careful visitor can tell even from the registration page that it is the biggest scam ever met.
lasource 29 Jan 2018
As soon as i saw my favorite video poker table game i created my account and started play money video poker game. After winning the chips i had a confidence of playing video poker in real money. In real money the games is all different as now each and every player is playing really good and safe. Totally different from the players in play money. I really liked it even the information of other players provided by the casino is also appropriate. The players in this casino are also really good n entertaining.
cocopop3011 28 Jun 2017
I like the graphics, the game is imaginative and colorful, and theres some cool background music.
NormanKat 04 Jun 2017
Stargames casino have games from greentube, which provide to players opportunity to play novomatic games. With 30 euro i go to dolphian pearl delux slot machine, this is also very popular game, due to high potential in freespins, but there is also no luck and i got busted. As for me i prefer quasar gaming casino for novomatic games, but stargames have more slot machines that quasar.
LilianInThaHouse 29 May 2017
If i hit something big, i can cashout without clear any wagering, they just removed this 100 euro of bonus. So i start spinning at 2euro per spin, not so much luck, but finally hit freespins and already start thinking how big my win will be, but nothing. With 830 euros on my balance i was more than happy, and decide to cashout my money.
marissal 29 May 2017
Star Games has possibility of playing poker, skill games instead of typical casino games like slots or table games. Most of time I played Book of Ra game, Indian Spirit is good slot I got about over 500 $ payout from that game few times, but it is little hard to hit bonus round in this game, but when you hit it can be big 1000x your stake win. This is a bonus game to very special occasions, to earn SG points easier way is playing a Golden Sevens.
sultansam 05 Feb 2017
Deposit via Skrill, just to mention that 1k is one time limit transfer and this can be frustrating for big staked guys (there is also 1k play session). Lets go now to day one: as i said started with 1k eur, I was playing Dolphin pearls, Lucky lady charms and Katana and cashed for about 3,5k when i decided for break. Meanwhile i raised stack to 16 and finally hit 3 cars, in bonus rounds i cashed out for 1k. 2nd day: To be short, I lost all 5,5k from day before+5 new, played only Dolphin pearls deluxe and Lucky lady charm with 15, 20 and 30 eur stacks. I play in other casinos and its huge difference when its about winnings on same stacks. Maybe I can't judge this casino coz i played there only 2 days and I'm aware of losing a lot of money on this stacks but anyway this is just not normal.
ksc91 05 Feb 2017
Star Games Casino is one of the, if not THE, worst casinos I've had a chance to deposit MY MONEY in. That is really bad, whenever something bad or unexpected happens in a casino that you play in, your first thought is the Live Chat. Having bad days is okay, but 20 euros and a deposit bonus and I don't manage to win anything?
K0nstantin 05 Feb 2017
I know its amazing to play games that u know from real casinos on the internet, but this casino has ONE OF THE LOWEST % OF PAYOUT...
zenekk87 17 Sep 2016
Stargames is a joke the customer support is non existent, you can phone if you want to spend 0.42 euros a min and get put on hold for 10 mins, so email is the only real option but don't expect a response for a minimum of 3 days regardless of how urgent your query - that if they even bother to reply at all!!
Harald 17 Sep 2016
There are new ones every month.
Zeljko777 15 Apr 2016
One of the best suppliers for fans of Novomatic slots.
Mahamedau 27 Feb 2016
One time I was a regular player here but it's been a long time since I played last time in the Star Games Casino. There are a few things I do not like about this casino but in general I think this is a good and safe casino. One of the things I do not like is that they do not have a live chat support. All those who have played in land based casinos on slot machines, I am sure that they like Novomatic slot games.
Damian 29 Nov 2015
I first joined because of the bonus with the acct activation but after two years with them I say that they also have a nice loyalty program for other players.
Laka88 26 Nov 2015
This was very long time ago after those first win in Stargames - I'm was their regular player with a lot deposits -Why not if with my second session in Stargames in find their easy first deposit bonus rules. I play a little in poker win up to 50 next sizzling hot (Now Called Diamond 7 -same games with new better graphics) and win up to 100 again withdrawal this time bonus amount was deleted and I received 70 toe-wallet in 5-6 days. I like Stargames because they have excellent Bonuses (Welcome Bonuses and personal invitations bonuses + a lot free bonuses sending to email. I recommended Stargames all Players because their offered very good Welcome and invitations bonuses with good rules their bonus actions.They offered Famuslanding casinos games like - Sizling Hot (Now available new version called diamond 7, Book Of Raa, and a lot other.
blondie 13 Nov 2015
Really, it is not the easiest job in the world to review this casino.
aemakgol 07 Oct 2015
For example if you deposit lets say 10 euros and you get another 10 from the casino which is a total of 20 to play. And let's say that after the fifth spin you get a bonus round on some slot game and you win 500 euros. Overall it's a safe casino but to be a great casino it lacks live chat support and the withdrawal process should be shorter.
Zenzo38 07 Oct 2015
but I like Novomatic games and hence joined.