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szirtisas 29 Oct 2017
I would like to share my experience here at Vegas Joker casino powered by microgaming software and also that is part of casino rewards group, as you can see there's few casino rewards on top-50 list, and this should tell you something exactly it should tell that this is a very good casino or had a good reputation when they're serve their customers or players. I decided to cashout the remaining balance $87 but I changed my mind and try to give a shot at break da bank slot bet $3 per spins, but got damn no any hits and I lost the credits because of being greedy I lost it all :( Actually, if your not lucky enough and your so greedy break da bank can eat or lost your credits very fast but I love that slot, Iv'e been paid many times a huge money at the end I didn't got any withdrawal but I got withdrawal when I played for my second time and until now so I blamed my self for being greedy and I changed that characteristic from now because of the help from many casino addicted sites.
aussiejass 17 Apr 2016
Vegas joker casino is powered by microgaming software, and it offers me an 100% welcome bonus. But I still have 75$, so I open cashapillar slot and start playing at 1$ bets, this was not so bad session, as I managed to achieve 105$ balance, and after it I close this slot. I did not like this casino, because they have very bad lookings web site.
AlexMou12 01 Apr 2016
After I get my money from the reviews (I need to thanks again to Valdes and the AskGambler.com) I decided to play some Microgaming casino. I played with one euro bets and after a 15 minutes later I leaved that slot because I get the bonus game feature three times and reached the 157 euro after I collected some valuable from those hats. I withdraw 100 euro from them and four days later I get my money and they didn't needed my documents.
None 01 Apr 2016
I deposited only 20$ to vegas joker because I don't like big deposits (I am not so rich to deposit 50$ or more, unfortunately), but I like play with minimal bets :P I am just gambler. So I had 40$ on my balance, but actually in Microgaming I many times when made first deposit receive some free spins. Don't do stupid things, just play with a little bet.
aemakgol 10 Feb 2016
They have 4 different Jackpots ranging from Mini (The smallest jackpot starting from $10), you got the Minor Jackpot (Jackpot which is in the $100's), Major which I believe is a moderately high jackpot ($10,000 +) and of course the grand jackpot everyone will want to take home the Mega Moolah jackpot (worth over a $1,000,000). The best thing about playing with this video slot is sometimes out of nowhere your randomly chosen to enter the jackpot bonus where you stand a chance at one of four Jackpots. In the bonus round I was asked to spin the Jackpot wheel and what I received was the Minor Jackpot for $154.60!!! All this from a $10 no deposit bonus.
Irine 19 Apr 2015
I decided that this month I will try one casino each day. First of all they do not have any no deposit bonus, which in my opinion attracts a lot of new players. After my deposit I received my 20$ bonus.
cristinaxx 19 Apr 2015
Most casinos just offer match bonuses although with Vegas Joker they made an exception. I completely got lucky when I picked out Dogs that were holding a pick again card plus a win, until the last dog holding a big win without another pick again. I quick spun the slot for 25 more spins on $0.45 and before the 25 spins were complete I hit another bonus while being frightened by the amount I got . I got a win of $6.66 and 3 picks from the bonus game for $13.50.