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Well now might be your chance as CasinoWilds are giving away an amazing trip to Las Vegas for two .

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You’ll also be able to play with up to €60 with your first online casino bonus , along with 60  free spins thrown in too!

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You could be jetting off to the gaming capital of the world where you’ll visit the best restaurants and watch the coolest shows. You’ll get to play your favourite games in a city that never sleeps.

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casinoian87 29 May 2015
I was close to meeting half way on my balance of $35 deposit + $122.50 slowly betting 3 coins watching my balance cautiously keeping my eyes glued to my balance if it lowers to 1/2. I never cheated, all I had done is continuously bet 3 coins on slots each time as an honest person would. Most honest casinos will reconsider reopening accounts if they asked for verification documents but here they don't give you a chance!
None 29 May 2015
There is an old saying, what happens in Vegas in Stays in Vegas, well whatever money you deposit win or lose will stay with Wild Vegas Casino. In Las Vegas and I believe this is one of the only places in America that its legal, but prostitution is legal, so just like when your down playing in Las Vegas, the same thing will happen in Wild Vegas, you will leave both places spending money to get F***ed. Finally the golden rule and I had previously mentioned this, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, just like if you read other peoples warnings and decided to deposit money here, and never saw it again, you probably wont be telling anyone about that, anytime soon.