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Efti 30 Jan 2018
Not much to be had here on Yachting Casino for the 30 Free Spins I got from a special and more than generous affiliate.....AskGamblers. All I won after I used the free spins is $20 and as the rules state I had to deposit to release this $20 bonus to my account. Friendly &helpful support, the video slots they had are standing at a "Pass" level (good enough) however the 30 free spins were completely something I don't want to play through again!
None 30 Jan 2018
What I found bizarre is a 9 Paylines 10 coins video slot called Indiana Croft and Lara Jones lol. Most of my time I stayed on this bizarre video slot just so I can observe it's payouts and what it has to offer. As Indiana Croft and Lara Jones was not my favourite video slot (nor will it ever be) I wanted to try out a different video slot called Superman. Rather than tell you about my experience with Merlin's Millions (since I explained about it on a different review) I will explain the video slot Superman instead because it is much more interesting. Superman is a 50 Paylines slot that can take up to $100 bet per spin. That type of experience is not great especially if you need only 1 scatter to trigger a feature and the last scatter just needs one position downward from the top to make it happen.
szirtisas 28 Jun 2017
I placed 0.25€ bets and played 100 autospins. Placed 0.30€ bets and played about 50 spins until I got 3 scatters. I chose to play Lannister spins, because they are my favorite feature, but this time it wasn't very generous and paid me less than 5€. The good thing is that they have live casino games and I would love to try them.
blondie 27 Jul 2016
Last year when I sit at home and was bored I found them casino on AskGamblers and they offered 30 free spins on them famous slots, (sorry it is a joke, the only famous thing about from that casino is this Indiana croft slot, the best name all of the slot names what I ever saw, I claimed that bonus only because I was able to play with that machine). I registered my account to them then I get 30 dollar from them and I started to play with the Indiana Croft, I thought I get free spins so I was surprised. I thank to god I didnt win that bonus money because I never deposit to them a damn cent and I think that promotion was more than ridiculous.
nikita11 25 Feb 2016
The first advantage is that the 30 free spins are actually 30 USD that can be played at a 9-line slot that has the value of a coin from 1 cent to 10 cents (I chose the Royal Fruit slot). The slot was quite generous and after the 300 free spins I had a balance of almost 50 USD. I was called on the phone to make a deposit and following the explanations about my intention to review the casino they agreed to move my 50 USD into the real money balance without making a deposit and to be able to withdraw provided I meet first the wagering requirements. With the money awarded I played a few slots and roulette about 10 minutes and I was able to withdraw about 110 USD.
valentin68 25 Feb 2016
I am always giving new platforms some chance because I like to explore and discover new names and this casino was powered by the B3W group software which I heard for the very first time. I do not know who to blame but all I can say is that my experience on this casino site was not as good as I had expected.