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Lens On North Korea, Wellington Photo Exhibition

Lens On North Korea Photo Exhibition

11 September, Wellington – Wellington photographer Karim Sahai presents ‘Lens On North Korea’, a photo exhibition from 4 September until 16 September 2012 about the most reclusive nation on the planet. Sahai states: I sought permission to photograph in North Korea for several years. Beyond the Korean and western propaganda, I wanted to find out if it was possible to catch glimpses of normalcy, slivers of daily life, while being under the heavy restrictions that were going to be imposed on me while visiting this out-of-bounds country. What I discovered was a mind-boggling surreality intertwined with aspects of life which I never expected to relate to.”

Lens On North Korea
Dates: 4 September – 16 September, 2012
Address: St James Theatre, 77-87 Courtenay Place, Wellington
Admission: Free